What We Do

R. Best Excavating does a variety of types of work. In the industry, we are considered to be "specialists". Why? Well, we pride ourselves in doing jobs that many others would never do!

We embrace the challenge of working in small spaces and doing the types of jobs that require a high degree of finesse. Many of those jobs are in the heart of Toronto where there is not much space to get equipment in and out and, neighbouring buildings cause greater challenges.

These are the types of jobs others shy away from but we really "dig 'em"!

We are specialists in:

  • Excavating/Backfilling around existing buildings in advance of water-proofing.
  • Excavating for additions and new buildings.
  • Re-addressing (cleaning up) landscapes.
  • Removal of existing driveways/walkways (or adding on) and grading the new one.
  • Excavating/preparing your driveway/walkway for your own interlock or paving installation.

  • Grading for extra parking space.
  • Grading your property.
  • Removal of hedges and bushes.
  • Excavating and backfilling.
  • Dig out for leaky basements.
  • Trenching.
  • Building clean-ups.
  • Pool and pond fill-ins.
  • Custom work.
If you need it dug, back-filled and/or graded, we do it.
For all of your Excavating and Grading Needs we R. Best.